Boy Meets Girl

It's the story you've heard time and time again.

Boy meets girl.
Boy pursues girl.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
They live happily ever after.

Only not.

Our story is more complicated. And yet, it's all so simple.

Boy meets girl.
Girls is unavailable.
Boy and girl work together.
Boy and girl become great friends.
Girl is available.
Boy likes girl.
Girl likes boy.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
Boy gets deployed.
Girl plans a wedding.

I'm that girl, welcome to my blog.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Girl gets brooches

Boy proposes to Girl.
Girl says yes.
Boy goes to war.
Girl plans a wedding.
Girl asks for help.
Girl gets brooches.

Not long ago, I asked for the help of my friends and family.
I asked for everyone to send me a brooch to put in my bouquet. Instead of carrying traditional flowers, I wanted to carry memories of all of the people in my life. Since my request, I have received a few brooches. I am hoping to receive many more, so this is a post that will be showing up often I hope! :) If anyone has a brooch they'd like to send me for my bouquet, I would appreciate it so much! If you need my address, let me know and I will get it to you!

The first 2 brooches I got were from my mom. Technically.
They belonged to my great grandmother.
I kind of love them.
Especially because they are not typical.
They are not sparkly or jeweled.
But they are beautiful and unique.



I hope to be posting many more of these posts as the brooches come in!
I can't wait to see it all come together!
If you are confused and have no idea what I am talking about, make sure to check out the original blog post here: Girl Asks for Help

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