Boy Meets Girl

It's the story you've heard time and time again.

Boy meets girl.
Boy pursues girl.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
They live happily ever after.

Only not.

Our story is more complicated. And yet, it's all so simple.

Boy meets girl.
Girls is unavailable.
Boy and girl work together.
Boy and girl become great friends.
Girl is available.
Boy likes girl.
Girl likes boy.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
Boy gets deployed.
Girl plans a wedding.

I'm that girl, welcome to my blog.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Girl gets brooches

Boy proposes to Girl.
Girl says yes.
Boy goes to war.
Girl plans a wedding.
Girl asks for help.
Girl gets brooches.

When I began asking for brooches, I wasn't sure what would happen. I didn't know if I would get any at all. I was a little worried that my plan wouldn't work and that I would walk down the aisle empty handed.

But what I have found is that this has ended up being one of the COOLEST things I've ever experienced. I know people have made these before. I know there are people out there who you can pay to make them for you. They will even go out and find all of the brooches to go in the bouquet. But the neatest part of this for me has been getting little pieces of my family and friends. Some of the pins are old and have a story behind them... a history. Others are brand new and were bought just for this purpose because someone wanted to contribute. I love that I am reconnecting with people from my past, and that I have so many people in my life that love and support me.

It has been fun to see the personalities of different people show up in their choice of brooch. I've been given flowers, and hearts, and random designs. I've even got a butterfly or two. Everything I read about how to make one of these said you should choose a color scheme and a metal and stick with it. But I decided to throw the rules out the window and do what I wanted to do instead. And I decided I wanted pins from family and friends instead of random pieces.

At Christmas we visited my family in Oregon. It is the only time of the year that I get to see my dad's parents. My grandma has facebook and email and she knew about my bouquet. Originally she wasn't sure she'd be able to come up with a pin for it, but I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled me aside and handed me this:


It's a beautiful pin and I love having a butterfly to add to my bouquet! How perfect!

It's getting down to the wire now. I'm hoping to have all of my pins in by the end of the month so that next month I can start to put them together. I can't wait to see how my bouquet comes out! I think it is going to be beautiful!

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