Boy Meets Girl

It's the story you've heard time and time again.

Boy meets girl.
Boy pursues girl.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
They live happily ever after.

Only not.

Our story is more complicated. And yet, it's all so simple.

Boy meets girl.
Girls is unavailable.
Boy and girl work together.
Boy and girl become great friends.
Girl is available.
Boy likes girl.
Girl likes boy.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
Boy gets deployed.
Girl plans a wedding.

I'm that girl, welcome to my blog.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Girl goes dress shopping

Boy proposes to Girl.
Girl dreams about wedding.
Boy dreams about Girl.
Girl goes dress shopping.

The "perfect" dress.
Some girls dream about it from the time they are young... others have no idea what they want until they try it on.

I don't know if I fit in either of those categories... I was not one of those little girls that dreamed of my wedding day from the time I was a small child. I never played dress up and pretended to be a bride. The closest I came was a princess, and believe me, at 6 years old, I was NOT looking for my prince charming!

I am also not one of those girls that went into trying on wedding dresses blindly. Having been around in the wedding industry, and seeing more than my fair share of wedding dresses, I had an idea of what I thought I would like.

Here is what I knew going in:

From what I have seen, and knowing my body type, I was pretty set on a more fitted gown. I wanted something off white or ivory (stark white is just not as flattering on my skin tone) and I wanted something with character... modern, romantic, and beautiful...maybe even a little funky.

I wanted to go to several different bridal stores on several different occasions. That way I could try on an array of different dresses and styles and price ranges. I wanted to get a chance to see what is out there and make sure that I have looked at options.

I didn't want to buy the first dress I tried on. Or liked. Or even fell in love with. I wanted to go into the stores with NO expectation of buying that day. No matter what the sales people told me, I knew I could always order the dress later. This was not the kind of buy I wanted to make based on impulse or emotion alone.

I wanted to bring a select few people I trust. I know some girls who have taken their entire bridal party. It ends up being a bit of a circus (Ever seen "Say Yes to the Dress? Some of those families should be banished until the wedding is over!). Everyone gets caught up in the excitement and emotion and their own feelings. It is hard to be unbiased and honest in situations like that. I knew I wanted to go with my mom. I was also hoping my grandma could go, but she lives in Northern Oregon so it was a long shot. Three of my bridesmaids are out of town and the other one is planning her own wedding as well as traveling and speaking and doing all kinds of other crazy stuff, so I knew that they would probably not be going with me. I knew my other bridesmaid (J's niece) would be honest and enjoy the experience.

I wanted to relax and have fun... soak in the experience. So many times the wedding planning process, and the wedding itself, fly by soooo fast. By the end of it, people look back and realize they missed so many things. The dress is a HUGE deal... so I knew I wanted to enjoy the process without the pressure of having to choose SOMETHING and choose it NOW!

So with those things in mind, my mom, grandma and I headed off to David's Bridal. We happened to be visiting my grandma so it worked out perfectly. I tried on several dresses... and even a few they picked out that were COMPLETELY not what I thought I'd like.

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3


Dress #4


Dress #5



Dress #6


Dress #7

(please excuse the photo quality, my mom is not the professional in the family :)

It was a fun and successful trip. I found a couple that are definitely contenders... but remember? No buying on the first trip :) It will be fun to look around a little more... I know the perfect dress is out there just waiting to be bought!

So which dress do you like best??


Chels said...

They are all very beautiful dresses, but personally I'm loving #3 and #5! I think those are exquisite on you!! Whichever you decide on though, you will be one gorgeous bride though :)

Nada said...

Diandra! You are so cute!! I love weddings and I am so excited for you!! I LOVE dress #5 on you, although you will make an absolutely beautiful bride in any of them!

Mike Handy said...

Guys perspective I like #3 a lot... but thats also because it reminds me of the wifey's dress...

AbraMichelle said...

Torn between #3, #5 and somehow I like #7 as well. Not sure why.

Bianca J said...

SO pretty! But don't just stay in one store! Shop around...

PS Don't let Javi see this :) It might ruin his surprise.

*meaghan* said...

i really like 4 (minus the flowers at the top) and number 5 is really pretty, love the little ruffles at the bottom! good luck, sooooo many choices out there :)

Girl said...

@Bianca... I actually sent this to J to look at! He wont know which one it is... and even if he somehow figured it out he would probably not remember. Originally he asked for me to send him a picture! He had to be explained the tradition of not seeing it! :)

Sarah said...

I love # 5. It reminds of Taylor Swift in the Love Story music video. And I know you love her. Good finds so far! Love reading about all the plans!

jho4shoz said...

you are so freaking gorgeous!

Carroll said...

I'm glad I'm not choosing! But since you see wedding dresses it might help or not??? What looks good on one may not look good on another. If it's outdoors, I'd think something without much of a train but then what do I know? Just thinking of convenience. Have fun! So glad your Mom is willing and able to go with you!
Love you! Grammie

Anonymous said...

to be completely honest, I really don't think strapless flatters you at all. It makes people look chunkier. I would try something with sheer straps or something very delicate like this for example:

I would try some dresses with straps.

Uhlee said...

They're all very beautiful, but dress number one is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I love the bottom of dress number 5! It is different yet romantic, fun, and a little bit of an older style almost.

Holly said...

I think strapless looks great on you. I sorta disagree with the last comment- I think adding something to a woman's shoulder's can be not so flattering. I'm getting married in October and I SWORE I wouldn't buy strapless~ didn't even entertain trying on strapless- but I did- and guess what I bought- strapless! I felt like it flattered me better! You look beautiful in ALL of the dresses but I think #5 is my favorite... there is just something about it that I love.

grams said...

Pick the one that makes you happiest regardless of opinion of others. Usually opinions are based on what the person would like for themselves and not necessarily what you would like. YOu look beautiful in them all!!!

JennAngelica said...

I love #3 and #5 (in that order)! But purchase the dress you feel your best in. The one where you're like "I'll just wear this one home, ok?" :) And great job on shopping around and taking it all in. Be pampered and enjoy every step! You're gorgeous! :)

Michelle said...

My Favs are #4,5 and #7. However, whatever dress you choose, you will look Beautiful! So happy for yoU!

Anonymous said...

#5 definitely. romantic

Jackie Beale said...

#5 is the best! It resembles a couture dress by Lazaro. The Lazaro dress is to die for! I just had a bride wear it and it's breathtaking in person. The one David's bridal offers looks similar and it's probably more cost effective :)

Here is the link: