Boy Meets Girl

It's the story you've heard time and time again.

Boy meets girl.
Boy pursues girl.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
They live happily ever after.

Only not.

Our story is more complicated. And yet, it's all so simple.

Boy meets girl.
Girls is unavailable.
Boy and girl work together.
Boy and girl become great friends.
Girl is available.
Boy likes girl.
Girl likes boy.
Boy proposes to girl.
Girl says yes.
Boy gets deployed.
Girl plans a wedding.

I'm that girl, welcome to my blog.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Girl chooses Maid of Honor

Girl moves to new city.
Girl has no friends.
Girl starts a new school.
Girl makes a friend.
Girl asks friend to be maid of honor.

We moved to a small town in Southern Oregon in the middle of my freshman year of high school. And suddenly we were in a whole new place, a whole new school, a whole new church... and I had no friends.

I slowly began making friends, but I had yet to really "click" with anyone. I had places to go and things to do and people to spend time with but I didn't have a best friend.

Then one day, Davene walked into our church. I didn't like her at first, because she seemed to be awfully close to the boy I liked at the time (oh high school)... but soon enough I found out that that boy was her cousin and she was pretty fantastic. Not long after that, she and her mom and sister moved into the house down the street... only a few houses away from me. We became inseparable. Every night we were at her house or my house... together.

The summer before my junior year of high school, I moved again. This time to Southern California... more than 14 hours away from Davene. I was devastated. I didn't want to leave my best friend. In the years that followed, we both had ups and downs.
New friends...
Broken hearts...
Family struggles...
But in the midst of it all, Davene was always just a phone call away.

Over years and miles, she has remained my best friend. So many years later, and so many miles away, she is still only a phone call away. I am THRILLED to stand beside her on her wedding day next August, and just as thrilled that she'll be my maid of honor on my wedding day next November :)


Me and Davene with her baby boy!


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